Chiropractor Hosts Session Tomorrow

Friday, 30 October 2015 10:29 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

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Sven loves beets, fresh from the farmers' market, nutritious and yummy. Here's another way to improve your health, right here in town.


Attend a free health session at our library on Saturday at 3 pm and get some new ideas on staying healthy this fall. Rhys Preston is terrific.  He’s our new cottage tenant and has quickly amassed a local following with his chiropractic business.  You'll find more information at Preston Chiropractic. The library is promoting this worthwhile event:  “Does your health need a boost? Learn about the primary stress handling glands that rejuvenate and repair your body on a daily basis. These glands are paramount to our stamina and vitality as well as memory and cognition. Adrenal gland health is essential for preventing colds, recovery from injuries and ongoing insults to the body. Dr Rhys Preston will provide you with practical applications and solutions to sustaining energy and well being. Dr. Rhys Preston has provided effective and empowering health care for more than 22 years. In addition to chiropractic education, he has completed two post-graduate studies in functional endocrinology, including adrenal fatigue, balancing female and male hormones naturally, postmenopausal health, thyroid conditions, and weight loss and purification programs. He is a certified personal trainer through the National Exercise Trainers Association and presents workshops in academic, corporate, and community settings.” 


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