Trees In Place

Friday, 24 April 2015 08:39 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

4242015 Image1This week we planted seven Leyland Cypress trees in an attempt to hide the neighbor’s dream retirement home.



There should be a law in town about keeping buildings to the scale already established in a neighborhood, don’t you think?


Littlefield Landscapes did the design.  James did the planting. Sven and I did the watching. 


During Wellfleet Blossoms, a neighbor stopped by.  Not the folks building the McMansion but the fellow who lives up the hill from the gaping hole and mounds of sand.  He was in shock.  “How does the town allow them to do this?” he exclaimed, almost shaking with despair.  I told him the kitchen in the house, already on the property, would supposedly be removed, turning it into a “studio.”  They probably plan to rent it through Airbnb.

Trees planted, we are ready for the future when my children will inherit this beautiful property that belonged to my parents.  The trees will grow at least four inches a year.


On a more pleasant subject, yesterday I took copies of my dad’s memoir to the bookstore in Brewster, at the manager’s request.  As I was leaving, the manager told me how much she enjoys this blog.  That made my day!

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