Kindness Bandit Strikes Again

Tuesday, 28 July 2015 04:50 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

7262015 Image1The other day I found a surprise on my doorstep in the morning.


The bag contained a box of chocolate and a note that said, "This is a random act of kindness.  It comes to you from someone who is also local, working hard and feeling the stresses of summer.  It comes with the hope that you will smile for a moment or tow, and then realize that you are thought of.  If this inspires you to do the same for someone you know, you can use this same card to give whatever random person, or people, whatever random gift you choose.  And then you also will know what a pleasure it is to make people smile.  Happy Summer!"


Now, how cool is that?  What a great way to beat the stresses of summer.

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