The Joys of Breakfast Outside

Friday, 31 July 2015 09:51 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

7312015 Image1This morning both our guests commented on the joy of having breakfast outside, at a table set with a real tablecloth.


One guest it reminded her of a scene in a Woody Allen movie. I will miss serving breakfast outside.  That's the thing.  Innkeepers serve breakfast.  Airbnb hosts do not.  Quite a difference.  I always sit and chat with guests while they eat, before they set out to conquer Wellfleet.  One guest is going to Dyer Pond this morning.  The other is off to get a beach sticker and plans a day at the ocean.  Tomorrow I will make them "Swedish" breakfast, sliced tomatoes with salmon pate, with an accent on the e, please.  At their request.  Like what I served in this photo from 2008. 


Yesterday I was sorting through old digital photos, ten years of innkeeping recorded for posterity.  Perhaps I will put together an exhibition of photos at some point.  Wellfleet, 2005-2015, a Decade of Innkeeping in Photos.  Or maybe not.  I certainly recorded the beauty of this place, as well as memorable events, like the shipwreck that became visible at Newcolm Hollow, drawing crowds of curious gawkers in winter.  I also found photos of breakfast guests, outside, in deep conversation with Sven or others.  I'll miss that ...

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