How Does Your Garden Grow?

Friday, 15 May 2015 07:03 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

5152015 Image1My garden is a showcase of beauty this year.


Above, the tulip rectangle in front of the front door, before mulching.  Yesterday the whole yard received mulch to prevent weeds over the summer.  It is such a pleasure to stroll through the garden.  We have had guests who sit on the bench outside for hours and watch the butterflies flutter through the flowers. It is incredibly peaceful.  This year there's also a hummingbird.  Since it has not rained, he shows up to take a shower when we water.  Then he preens on a branch, totally unafraid of people.  Such a tiny creature.  I planted honey melon sage so he will return for its red flowers once they bloom. The garden is full of flowers, herbs, and veggies.  What a shame the cottage is not booked this weekend, or next.  Yesterday I saw a couple walking our road.  I could tell they were tourists because of the way they were dressed.  The man had this smug look on his face as if had gotten the best deal around for a Wellfleet stay, no doubt through Airbnb.  It is distressing to watch the innkeeping industry implode, especially dramatic in a town with a seasonal economy.  No place in Wellfleet has as beautiful a garden, or as comfortable a bed(s), or as organic a breakfast.  There's a difference between making a living as an innkeeper and renting out a second home through Airbnb to help pay the mortgage.  Innkeepers cannot cut their rates in half to compete.  If I had more time, I'd call around and ask the other innkeepers of Wellfleet how they are coping.  That would make an interesting post, wouldn't it.  But the interviews would take time, and I now need that time for writing and revising short stories.  (If you are only now discovering this blog, I have written it for nine years, trying my best not to repeat myself.  Originally it was called Chezsven Blog, but a reader suggested its current name.)  If you need a place to stay this weekend or next, consider Chez Sven.  All our rooms are open.  What a sad state of affairs!

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