How Does Your Garden Grow? (2)

Saturday, 22 August 2015 14:05 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

8212015 Image1An important feature of any bed and breakfast is the flower garden.


We have enjoyed beautiful blooms all season long.  I always put fresh flowers in all the guest rooms.  This year I have been anticipating planting fewer annuals in future years and planting more perennials to take their place.  A friend told me older people should not bend down as much, that there’s a risk of the retina becoming detached.  Don’t want that to happen.  Keeping a garden involves physical labor.  There’s that, too.  Older people are limited in their energy levels.  So, I am anticipating less gardening in my future.  Which is why I look at the annuals with particular longing this year.   I breathe in the wonderful peppery scent of the phlox and the sweetness of the alyssum. I watch butterflies flit from branch to branch.  I enjoy the profusion of color that explodes in August, a magnificent climax to a full season of growth. Chez Sven will still have a garden in years to come.  It simply will not be MY garden, the way I want it to be.  And, that's okay, too.

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