All Good Things Must End

Monday, 31 August 2015 08:49 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

8312015 Image1Change is good.


Today is the day our new tenants move into Seagull Cottage.  We have decided to rent year-round.  Nice rentals are hard to find, especially in Wellfleet.  I will introduce you to our new tenants soon.  For now, know that it is hard to leave a place that meant a lot.  The photo above was taken in 2005, when Sven and I decided to open a B&B and become innkeepers.  We lived in this cottage from 1997 to 2003. It was our home when we moved to the United States from Europe.  Change is good.  Still, it was hard to move everything out, an emotional time. Next year we will probably make rooms in the Main House available to guests through Airbnb during the busy month of August, but I will post information at a later date.  Or, ask via email. It is possible we will rent the Main House by the week in June and July. And, this blog?  It will continue for now, with changes.  Change keeps us on our toes.  Change is good, right?

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