5 Reasons I'll Regret Leaving

Saturday, 25 July 2015 08:56 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

7252015 Image1As some of you already know, we have decided to close our B&B in September, when our cottage will be rented year-round. 


A lump rises unexpectedly in my throat as I contemplate dismantling the cottage, where we lived in 1997 and 1998.  We had some good times there for sure.  I will be back on weekends, so can enjoy the extreme beauty then. 


Here are some of the things I will miss about living in Wellfleet:




1.)   Great fresh fish four months of the year.


2.)   My garden.  This beautiful garden, with the butterflies, created a feeling of zen for visitors and innkeepers alike.  I hope the perennials will keep it peaceful.


3.)   The art galleries, again only open in summer, but still.  How amazing to be able to walk around a town and experience so much art and art being created.


4.)   The feeling of community created by Preservation Hall and the farmers market on Wednesday, which takes place behind Prez. Hall.


5.)   My massage therapist! (Regular readers already know who she is.)




For anyone looking to visit next year, the main house will be available for rent the second half of June and all of July, while Sven and I are in Sweden.  More information will follow.


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