Harbor Stage Scores Another Hit

Friday, 26 June 2015 09:29 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

6262015 Image1A red shawl, an old phonograph, a painting of Italy … these are some of the props Wellfleet’s Harbor Stage Company use in their new production of Henrick Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, written in 1879 and brilliantly adapted by director Robert Kropf.


Stacey Fischer plays Nora, the exuberant caged bird who has secretly taken out a promissory note to pay for a trip south that restored her husband’s health and now must suffer the consequences.  Although the husband, Torvald, played by Jonathan Fielding, addresses her with many endearing sobriquets related to birds, he neglects poor Nora, whose transformation is riveting.  My favorite scenes featured Nora and her childhood friend Kristine, played with brio by Brenda Withers.  A gesture, a stutter, a glance reveal nuances of character.   How fortunate are we that this vibrant troop of actors chose Wellfleet.  A Doll’s House runs through July 9.  The tickets cost only twenty dollars.  Harbor Stage offers a Pay-What-You-Can Friday night performance. The production is garnering raves.  Check out this Boston Globe review.

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