Are Your Strawberries Organic?

Thursday, 18 June 2015 06:50 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

6182015 Image1I shuddered when I saw my son had bought non-organic strawberries by mistake at Wellfleet Marketplace. 




If you eat non-organic strawberries, you risk ingesting residue from dozens of pesticides.  Readers of this blog know that.  My son knows that.  Strawberries are a fruit that has received the worst scores over the years from environmental groups when it comes to pesticide residue.  I never serve B&B guests non-organic strawberries.  Varieties that travel well have been selected by the industry rather than flavorful strawberries.  What is sold nationwide often is tasteless.




In Sweden, the strawberries are amazing.  The season is short but how delicious they are!  When on vacation there, I always buy several boxes from the lady who stands in front of the supermarket selling fruit she grew herself.


If you get to the farmers market early enough here in Wellfleet, you can find organic strawberries, like these beauties from Cape Cod Organic Farm in Barnstable, purchased yesterday.  Hatch’s, Wellfleet's fruit and veggies store, changed hands last year.  The new owners do not specialize in organic, which is very sad.  (Make sure you ask them to stock organic produce, so they realize there is a market for it here!) In summer, I can no longer guarantee guests organic fruit for breakfast.  But one thing is sure.  No one eating at Chez Sven will ingest pesticide residue from strawberries!  The non-organic variety is banned at my house.   






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