Winter Brings Ice Tourists

Monday, 16 March 2015 13:21 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

IMGP8667Sven and I went to Duck Harbor this weekend to witness the 100-year event: icebergs on Cape Cod Bay. 


Unfortunately the wind had blown the big ones down to Brewster.  Still spectacle there was with three dozen carloads of people playing on the frozen landscape, such an unusual sight, one I have never witnessed since moving here in 1997.  Dog-walkers, children, older folks.  Everyone wanting to see the icebergs that have been documented on social media over the past week.  It is so strange to have tourists in winter!  While many of the visitors were from the Outer Cape, folks have been coming from much farther away, Europe even. Kids were also playing on the "ice slabs" at the inner harbor.  The best time for viewing is low tide, of course.


Were you able to see the icebergs? The link I put up before the weekend does not seem functional, so let’s try again.  Go here.



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