Real Estate Prices On The Rise

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 08:12 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

10212015 Image1The Customs House on Commercial is still for sale.



The price, advised by real estate agents: $800,000.


Three off-street lots have become available behind the Congregational Church.  The owner wants $380,000 for each.


A wooded lot on Duck Creek, close to the harbor, is on the market for $800,000.  No house included.


These prices seem exorbitant to me.  While I understand that landowners might want to get top dollar for their land, I deplore the fact that real estate in town is becoming unattainable for regular people.  It's too expensive.  If this trend continues, pretty soon only the rich will be able to afford property in Wellfleet.  What a shame!

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