Christmas in April?

Saturday, 25 April 2015 07:25 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

4252015 Image1A movie is being shot in town. 


On Wednesday, the police stopped cars from approaching Uncle Tim's Bridge. When we drove down to the marina, pointcettas were jammed into the old well at the intersection of Commercial and Banks Streets. There seemed to be almost as many onlookers as participants that day, crowded into the familiar space near our iconic bridge, soon to be seen on the big screen.  The book, "A Year By The Sea," was set in Harwich.  I reported on the project here.  The author suggested Wellfleet as a stand-in for the outdoor scenes, since our town is more picturesque.  So, the news dealer received a fresh coat of paint and things got spruced up.  Yesterday filming took place at Hatch's and the movie crew had decorated Main Street for Christmas.  I still don't know whether Wellfleet will be identified in the film or not.  I'll have to ask some of the movie types, now strolling around the village ...

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