Can You Hear Me Now?

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 14:33 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

3312015 Image1Hear this:  PB Boulangerie Bistro now offers lunch!  How about stopping by to celebrate the beginning of April?




Last week I promised to report on the Selectmen's meeting.  Board members approved OysterFest's use of town property this fall from Oct. 13 to Oct. 20 for a fee of $3000, plus an annual contribution from SPAT of $10,000 to $15,000, said sum to be used in a manner agreeable to both parties.  The Select Board settled on a basic fee of up to $1000 for the use of a town parcel.  There was a big crowd at the meeting, lots of interest. 


Another topic that Wellfleetians are concerned about: noise. A group of people want a bylaw to limit noise in town. Another group are dead set against this idea and are planning to defeat the proposal at Town Meeting.  Personally, I find it distasteful, out in the woods, to have summer people play loud music without taking the neighbors into consideration, which happens, without fail, the Friday of Independence Day weekend.  So, I can understand how some people living downtown feel to experience noise on a regular basis.  The owners of Holden Inn explained one POV on Facebook this week:  “We have been successfully hosting weddings on Commercial Street for over twenty years and need the support, along with The Pearl, The Bookstore, Mac's Shack, The Fleetian, The Lighthouse, Winslow's Tavern, Preservation Hall. Wicked Oyster, Flying Fish, Beachcomber, and Chequessett Yacht Club, to not allow a small group of residents have a new noise bylaw approved at the Town Meeting. We need to come together again as we did before at the Selectman's meeting for The Pearl. This time it is an all out effort to ruin what Wellfleet is, "a festive, happy, seaside town.”  How do you feel about noise in summer?


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