2015 Guide to Wellfleet Becomes Available

Sunday, 29 March 2015 14:39 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

3292015 Image1The Chamber of Commerce has published its new guide to Wellfleet.


A beautiful cover, showing one of our beautiful beaches.  Publication of the guide means summer is around the corner, despite the patches of snow that dot the landscape.  Wednesday I went in to speak to the Chamber Board about Airbnb.  Members listened respectfully, and most of them admitted they were not familiar with the three-year-old accomodations site, which I have mentioned on this blog numerous times.  While I was at the meeting, there was a discussion about the new Chamber Web site as well.  In case you have not visited of late, know that the whole design and functionlity has changed.  Now listings appear as if being viewed by mobile phone.  While I am not crazy about these changes, they are here to stay, so we must get used to them.  Putting on my thinking cap to find a way to improve Chez Sven's mention on the Chamber site ...

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