PURE Kills Ticks Without Harming our Water Supply

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 19:48 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

11122014 Image1Meet Rory, from Pure Solutions.


I happened to be in the side yard this morning when he drove by and stopped to say hello.  Rory Nickerson, a very personable Cape Codder, is the General Manager of PURE, Organic Tick & Mosquito Solutions, the green way to remove ticks from your property. 


Over the past few months I have watched with alarm as signs went up in front yards to indicate spraying for ticks by another company whose name I will not mention.  Why be upset?  I have become convinced that the product used, a derivative of chrysanthemums, is not as safe as Wellfleetians have been led to believe.  But don’t take my word for it.  Make up your own mind.  Read up online about permethrin.  How could spraying quantities of this chemical over our sole source aquifer be good for our drinking water?


PURE sprays a mixture of plant extracts and natural oils: thyme, wintergreen, rosemary, etc.  The spraying takes place every two weeks in season.  Fall is the ideal time for spraying because females lay eggs, 3000 of them each, in the fall.  We don’t want all those future ticks crawling through the underbrush here in the woods, so I was delighted to hear the neighbor had hired Rory, and he has been spraying her yard for half a year.  Maybe that's why we saw so few ticks this year?  Since my grandkids are coming next June, I decided to follow suit.  As someone who has experienced Lyme disease twice, I feel pleased to know the natural oils will diminish the local tick population.


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