Beware Ticks This Weekend

Saturday, 10 October 2015 08:13 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

10102015 Image1Wherever you look in Wellfleet, there’s beauty.



We don’t have exceptional foliage but the marshes are spectacular when they turn color.  Both weekend visitors and natives will be out exploring nature over this holiday weekend.  Don’t forget ticks remain a problem until the first freeze.  Stay on the alert.  The risk of Lyme disease is one reason I do not do as much walking through woods as before.  Ticks can carry multiple diseases, too, besides Lyme.  Better safe than sorry.  If you decide to go hiking, be sure to protect yourself with bug repellant and check your skin upon your return. Researchers are busy trying to figure out how to beat chronic Lyme.  One new approach is "pulse antibiotics."  Read about it here


There’s a new bug repellant, tested on Cape Cod, that seems to work, according to this article in a local paper.  It is available at Agway, in Orleans.

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