Thrift Shop Brightens Main Street

Sunday, 19 April 2015 07:51 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

4192015 Image1AIM Thrift Shop already has planters.  Look at how beautiful the flower arrangements are!


As I prepare to make breakfast for the first guests of our last season, I'm struck by how rusty I've become over the winter.  Time to break out the fancy china, stored in the shed.  Time to whip together some yummy cherry almond scones.  Time for morning cheer and gaiety.  The guests will enjoy organic strawberries, but who knows whether we can provide organic fruit over the summer?  New owners at Hatch's have not yet decided to carry organic.  At a time when more and more people are realizing the importance of organic eating and even Stop & Shop has created expanded organic sections of the supermarket, you would think Wellfleet would have more organic options, not less.  Here's what you can do to change this situation.  The first time you shop at Hatch's this season, and the second, and the third, mention how important organic fruit and veggies are to maintaining good health.  The WHO recently fingered Glyphosate (Roundup) as a carcinogen.  Non-organic crops, in the USA, are treated with Glyphosate.  Longtime readers of this blog know that Glyphosate is one of the toxic chemicals to be used under the powerlines by NStar, now calling itself Eversource.

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