Thoughts on Oysterfest, 2015 ...

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 16:17 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

10202015 Image1Oysterfest is over and with it goes the tourist season.


The wind is blowing from the ocean today.  The leaves on the neighbor's tree have turned red and are falling to the ground. The approach of winter manifested itself in a snow flurry late Sunday afternoon.


If you were in town for Oysterfest, you heard the sirens on Saturday night, hinting at brawls in restaurants, drunken visitors lurching through the streets, empty beer cans tossed into the shrubbery.  On Sunday, during the shuck-off, I went down to fetch supper.  The area behind Town Hall was rank with beer, smoky from the barbecues under the food tent.  I ducked in and out.  Heads were turned toward the stage.  I noticed fewer couples and more groups of friends, different from the earlier days of Oysterfest, when the idea was to celebrate the end of the season and meet new people while savoring a plate of oysters.  It is unfortunate that the town has decided to charge SPAT for use of the parking area. Now Oysterfest admission costs money ($5).  Parking costs money ($10 at the beaches, $15 at the pier.)  And, the food prices have risen. The atmosphere is still fun but the festival attracts a different kind of person: someone who comes to party and get drunk. This is a shame. 

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