Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

Thursday, 23 April 2015 07:57 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

4232015 Image1There will be an informational meeting this afternoon at five at the library regarding banning plastic bags in town.



The bylaw would phase out single-use plastic shopping bags at Wellfleet retailers, markets, and restaurants.  Plastic produce bags, bakery bread bags, and deli counter baggies would not be affected by the ban. The EPA reports that only about 15% of plastic shopping bags are recycled; the remainder is incinerated, buried in landfills, or end up as litter polluting the environment and endangering wildlife, often making their way to the ocean.  The plastic is broken down over time into small pieces.  The fish swallow the pieces.  Then we eat the fish ....



Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey from the Wellfleet Recycling Committee and join the effort to ban plastic bags.



I realize the photo I have posted does not show plastic bags.  Instead, I chose plastic bottles, which also litter the landscape in summer.  I believe plastic bottles are also a hazard to health.  Leave them in the sun and the toxic chemicals leach into the water.  Think ahead.  Carry your own non-plastic bottle and your own reusable bag.  On this blog, I have advocated reusable bags for years now.  Please help ban plastic bags and join the effort to clean up our environment.  

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