Why March Against Monsanto

Sunday, 24 May 2015 14:54 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

5242015 Image1It's a windy day, perfect for walking Wellfleet's beaches and collecting seashells.


Our cottage guests have two young children, both eager to see the beach.  Children are single-minded that way.  We came to see the beach?  We go there immediately.  This morning the family headed out with shovels and pails, after the dad got in his bike ride shortly after dawn.


Yesterday, I was home, hoping to book the Green Room, so I missed the Prez. Hall Birdhouse Auction and the March against Monsanto, held in Boston, one of 400 cities where citizens took to the streets to denounce products like glyphosate, a demonstration of popular sentiment that was not reported by most media.  I flipped through the New York Times this morning.  Not a mention.  We used to be able to depend on reporters to bring us the news.  No longer.  WHO recently declared Glyphosate to be a probably carcinogen.  The retail product is called Roundup.  Don't use it.  Glyphosate kills everything living in the soil.  (Eversource still plans to spray the weedkiller under the power lines, based on thirty-year-old science.)  Monsanto also sells GMO seeds.  I see GMOs as evil.  The original seeds, created by Monsanto, were called "Roundup Ready."  But Roundup Ready crops require more Glyphosate, not less.  Glyphosate has even been detected in rain.  This is why you should march.  To say no to pesticides in our environment.  Enough said.


On a future post, I will suggest a fun activity kids can do with the shells collected today.  Stay tuned.

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