Ban Plastic Bags in Wellfleet

Monday, 27 April 2015 09:02 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

4272015 Image1Bits of reed belong in seawater.  Plastic bags do not.



Tonight Town Meeting will examine a number of important issues, including the banning of single-use plastic bags.  Since I cannot be present, I sent the Recycling Committee a letter to read on my behalf.  (If you have any doubt about getting yourself some reusable bags, check out this powerful and educational video, which was produced a year or two ago at San Francisco's first attempt to ban single-use plastic bags.) Provincetown has banned these bags.  Wellfleet should, too. Here's my letter:



"Unable to be present tonight, I wanted my voice to be heard on plastic bags: Wellfleet needs to divorce itself from plastic bags.  Why?  We live beside the ocean.  The bags make their way to the sea where they disintegrate over time. Fish eat the pieces, mistaking them for food.  We catch the fish or buy it at one of the local fish markets.  I, for one, would prefer to eat fish that has not consumed bits of plastic.



Reusable bags are a great marketing tool for a local business and yet no business owners, as far as I know, have embraced the concept wholeheartedly.  As a green innkeeper, I decided to encourage my guests to reject plastic two years ago by providing reusable bags, marked with the logo of my B&B.  Chico Bags, in California, makes it very easy and affordable to acquire this giveaway.  Guests pop them in a purse or pocket. Then, once home, they pull them out while shopping and remember Chez Sven and Wellfleet.



I still use the same bag a friend gave me ten years ago.  Remembering to take it with me shopping is easy because I always keep it in my purse.  I keep a second reusable bag in my car.  At first I carried a reusable bag to help the environment.  Now I carry one because it makes sense to me.



You may have a specific reason for preferring plastic – my son disposes of kitty litter in plastic bags, at least he did before Los Angeles banned single-use carryout bags – but please reconsider.  As soon as visitors realize Wellfleet stores no longer distribute plastic, people will go shopping with bags.  The change has already happened in Orleans, at Stop & Shop. 



Let’s be among the first towns on the Cape to use good sense and give up the plastic habit.  Please vote in favor of this article and ban single-use plastic bags."


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