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Sunday, 21 December 2014 14:45 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

12212014 Image1The weather has been gray and rainy for days. 



Light makes a difference, especially in a town with gray-shingled houses, as I explained in the e-book I wrote two years ago, still available from Amazon.  For several days now Sven and I have been walking at the marina, heading out between showers.  Wednesday, when everyone will be trying to get somewhere for the Christmas holiday, a serious low pressure system will move in and rain will pour down across New England and points south.


Periods of low pressure and rain can be depressing.  Don't let the weather get you down.  Time to cuddle up with your sweetie or with a good book. 


Last week Twitter buzzed with best book lists for 2014.  I read one of the most popular books this season: All The Light We Cannot See.  The author takes us to Europe during World War II.  I'm especially interested in this period because I want to write a novella about a member of the French Resistance.  I know a lot of you have this novel on your wish-list for Christmas.  Unfortunately many of the details are off.  For instance, the author mentions air-conditioning on page 10.  There was no air-conditioning in France when I moved abroad in 1969, so I doubt it existed in 1940.  I encountered so many erroneous details that I stopped reading half-way through.  In my opinion, a writer of historical fiction needs to get facts right or I lose trust.  I prefer to read memoir. 


Now, here's the good news.  Have you ordered your copy of Émigré yet?  Do your favorite blogger a favor for Christmas.  Buy her book


You will be able to read all about why I edited and published Émigré shortly in the Provincetown Banner.  For the time being, sign up for a free copy at Goodreads, as the new widget to the left indicates.  The contest runs for two more weeks.  Read all about it here.



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