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Monday, 07 December 2015 09:56 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

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Today, a report on a fabulous blue guitar, placed on Ebay for auction by Wellfleetian Harriet Korim.  Please help spread the word to everyone who cares about Climate Change, guitars, Wellfleet, Pete Seeger, etc.


One early Spring morning in 1992, Danny Silverman was in his wood-shop on Wellfleet Harbor, listening to “First Light” on WOMR, when DJ Chuck Cole asked on air for a donated building to house Wellfleet’s new Swap Shop. Danny, former town recycling commissioner, was building a new house and was delighted to turn his old one into a swap shop instead of a pile of demo waste. By Easter weekend, the Friends of the Dump, a band of local volunteer recyclers, had “flaked,” hauled and re-raised Danny’s old house at the dump. This was the era of the “swap-shop-ification” of Cape Cod: The re-raising was a perfect way to celebrate Easter.!


Remember 07/07/07––Al Gore’s first Live Earth global music extravaganza? One element was the co-production by Live Earth and Gibson Guitars of a limited edition of J-45 acoustic-electric guitars, made with sustainably harvested wood and emblazoned with the LiveEarth logo. The guitars were shipped out to 12 concerts on 7 continents, signed by participating stars, and auctioned off to benefit LiveEarth. All but one.


In 2009, “Cherry Girl,” an eco- activist VJ at MTV London launched a contest for recyclers, offering the remaining LiveEarth Gibson guitar as Grand Prize. It had been signed by Al Gore plus superstars ! (ranging from Metallica to John Legend) who played the 2007 Wembly Stadium concert. I won it.
But I never could have done it without the Friends of the Dump. What tickled Cherry Girl’s imagination about my entry was the photo of the house Danny Silverman (by that time Wellfleet’s fire chief) had recycled. And she liked my promise to keep the guitar working to raise awareness and funds. She hated to see it go. I told her she might be able to win it back some day.


The Live Earth Gibson Guitar was
instrumental in creating and performing a few eco-tunes. Madonna’s original Hey You! opened the 07-07-07 finale at Wembly Stadium.


Wellfleet ain’t Wembly, but the blue guitar helped create 3-5-0, atmosphere and Leave the Tarsands in the Ground (performed during the mass arrests of 1,253 Keystone XL pipeline protestors, myself included). The guitar stayed home that time, but it’s been on stage, in the studio, at the Massachusetts State House, at more than one kitchen racket, and at a “Sing Out for Pete’s Sake!” at the Wellfleet Library, where the guitar had originally arrived from London.


In 2011 we were granted additional autographs by Pete Seeger, at the Clearwater Festival in June, and by Joan Baez at Boston Symphony Hall that November. I loved it when Pete’s grandson reminded him to add his trademark drawing of a banjo next to his name. This guitar is bound for Glory.


We aim to launch an online auction, hopefully during the Pathway to Paris concert on Dec. 4, during Paris COP 21 Climate Conference. The proceeds will benefit and sustainable agriculture in Haiti. To win it back, Cherry Girl (who has mysteriously vaporized) will have to reappear and shell out. It’s time for this blue guitar to raise some serious green for a blue planet—to support climate justice action on the front lines of this unprecedented global crisis and challenge.


“To change everything, we need everyone”— including rock stars, folk-singers, firemen, swap-shoppers— and maybe a generous angel who loves Metallica or John Legend or Joan Baez or Pete Seeger— or who simply loves the kids in their lives, and some winter night might play them “Nothing Else Matters” or “Glory” or “This Land is Your Land” or a brand new song on a blue guitar.


The latest co-signer was Wellfleet’s Patty Larkin. The LiveEarthAuction was launched December 4 in Paris by Patti Smith and runs until December 14th.

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