Time to Call Governor Baker

Wednesday, 26 August 2015 10:57 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

8262015 Image1September 1 is approaching fast.


The people above are enjoying a square dance on the pier this summer.  Most are tourists and drink well water while in town.  Yes, drinking water comes from the ground, from a sole source aquifer, not from a reservoir.  In a few days our utility NStar, now going by the name Eversource, will send out men with backpacks containing toxic chemicals that will be sprayed on vegetation under the power lines, 150 miles of power lines to be exact.  Control of vegetation is mandated by federal law.  The use of herbicides is not.  Senator Dan Wolf has been working hard behind the scenes to make changes in regulations that allow spraying of poisons over a sole source aquifer, but the MDAR officials stand firm in their belief in Monsanto and the lies the corporation has been spreading about how safe their products are.  Really?  Safe?  When it is widely accepted that Glyphosate, sold retail as Roundup, is a carcinogen?  Confirmed by the World Health Organization this summer?


So….. my reader friends, I have not asked you to do anything in a very long time.  Today I would like you to pick up the phone and call Governor Baker.  At this point he is the only one who can stop the madness planned for September.  It’s easy.  I did it last week.  His staff is friendly and take notes.  The governor needs to know Cape Codders, as well as regular visitors to Cape Cod, care about their drinking water, that we want it protected.


On the radio this morning I heard more people have taken vacations in Maine and New Hampshire this summer than ever before. Even more tourists will abandon Cape Cod if the water becomes laced with herbicides.  Take action.  Here’s your good deed for the day.  Call Governor Baker’s office.  617 725 4005.  Do it now!

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