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Monday, 07 September 2015 23:50 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

972015 Image1Plastic is polluting our oceans.  It is accumulating in gyres.  It gets eaten by seabirds.  It disintegrates into small bits and fish swallow the bits.


Eat fish?  Then you are also consuming chemicals from plastic.


Sven and I do our part to pick up trash when we walk beaches.  The photo above was taken at Duck Harbor, far down toward the Truro line.  What an amazing collection to junk there was there!  In the past, the Conservation Commission organized trash walks on the Atlantic beaches. Now the Wellfleet Conservation Trust is picking up the gauntlet.  WCT is organizing a trash cleanup on Saturday, September 26.  Mark the date on your calendar and let the organizers know you if you are available and can participate.  Here is the email from Ned Hitchcock: “The Conservation Trust is planning to revive Wellfleet’s participation in the annual CoastSweep.  We are looking for partners is this effort to pick up trash along the Wellfleet shoreline from the Herring River dike to the Audubon wildlife sanctuary in South Wellfleet.  The statewide project is sponsored by the Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs and Coastal Zone Management. Our target date is Saturday, September 26 from approximately 9:00 am until noon.  Please get back to me with both tentative and definite volunteer names and contact info. We need to have a firm list by September 10 in order to get supplies, etc.  Please consider that a deadline.”


Ned is looking for 25 to 30 people.  If you can help collect trash along this stretch of coastline and rid our beaches of plastic, please call him at 508 349 1229. 

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