Why Pick Up Beach Trash?

Saturday, 26 September 2015 08:31 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

9262015 Image1It’s beach trash collection day.


Join one of Wellfleet's groups of volunteer trash collectors.  The Conservation Trust invites you to meet up at 1 on Mayo Beach.  Or, check Cape Cool for today’s location.  Harriet Korim reports on progress so far:  “In two days Cape Cool 's piece of the PeoplesPilgrimage.org collected more than fifty pounds of beach trash, as well as donations and pledges of more than $360 to the UN Refugee Agency, and we continue to walk the Great Beach from South Wellfleet to Provincetown in solidarity with peace and climate justice activists worldwide.”


Why pick up beach trash?  One good reason is that plastic ends up in the ocean.  The plastic bags and other items that make daily life less complicated decompose and fish eat the bits mistakenly.  Then we eat the fish. Yuck!


The plastic collects in gyres in the middle of the earth's oceans.


Sven and I always picked up trash when we walked Wellfleet’s beautiful beaches.  Here’s a photo of a likeminded soul whom we met on one of our excursions to the Atlantic.