What the Breach at Ballston Looks Like

Thursday, 26 February 2015 11:17 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

2262015 Image1The footsteps in the snow indicate how many people have journeyed to Ballston Beach to witness the breach, created this month during the blizzard of 2015.



Sven and I drove down to Truro last weekend.  Gone are all the tender shoots of beach grass, lovingly planted by Safe Harbor volunteers.  The ocean listens to no one.  Nature is powerful.  How come people don’t get this message?  I continue to worry about the risk of a storm hitting Pilgrim, across Cape Cod Bay.  This month, the nuclear power plant was turned off at least once, as a precaution.  The fuel rods have not been transferred to dry cask storage.  Where is the outrage that this antiquated plant has not yet been shut down and is putting our lives in danger? 

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