Treasures from Mayo Beach

Sunday, 03 May 2015 08:30 Written by  Alexandra Grabbe

522015 Image1Buds are popping, birds are chirping.  What a pleasure to be in Wellfleet in early spring!



Yesterday Sven and I explored Mayo Beach, at low tide.  We nodded at other beachgoers, walking hand in hand.  Sven took his new hiking sticks.  Stick.  He chooses to use only one, but it does help with balance.  Houses along the shoreline were still boarded up, but last night I noticed lights have come on in the woods around Chez Sven, indication second-home owners are here to open their houses for summer.  While at Mayo, we picked up some treasures, and, once again I was struck by how incredibly beautiful it is to look out over Wellfleet Harbor, with sunshine sparkling off  the waves ...



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